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Noders NYM Squad
As an expert team of validators and Web3 developers, we hold a profound commitment to the cybersecurity and privacy of our clients. The Nym initiative aspires to provide a universal layer of privacy and anonymity across the internet as a standard. This goal is commendably noble, and our team wholeheartedly endorses such a vision.

The primary mission of the Noders Nym Squad is to accelerate the deployment of Nym solutions to a broader audience, ensuring optimal efficiency for both our community and the public at large. The internet is integral to our daily lives, both today and in the future, and it is imperative that this daily sphere remains secure and private.

Privacy is not just a necessity;
it is a fundamental human right!
Noders NYM Squad goals
As a professional validator team, we provide a high-quality and secure infrastructure for all nodes we operate. Reliable nodes are the core of our business; thus, our Nym Mixnodes and Gateways are consistently up-to-date and maintain excellent routing scores too.

As a part of our educational efforts, we also support people who express an interest in joining this journey to achieve a common goal of securing privacy and anonymity infrastructure.
Nym Infrastructure Maintain
Currently, Nym Noders Squad manages 4 Nym project Community spaces on Twitter:

  • @NYM_Ecosystem - English (1100+ members)
  • @NYM_Indonesia - Indonesian (2200+ members)
  • @NYM_DE - German (750+ members)
  • @NYM_RU - Russian (800+ members)

But the sky is the limit — we are here for a long play and keep growing every day!
Community Growth Management
Creating educational materials, hosting AMAs, conducting quizzes, and arranging offline events play an integral role in elevating public consciousness about privacy concerns and their significance.

As experts in marketing, we are well aware of the impactful nature of regular online and offline community events, which offer direct engagement opportunities with the audience.
Education about Nym project and the importance of Digital Privacy
As a diverse, multi-national team fluent in six languages, we have translated an extensive array of Nym materials, including Whitepapers, Litepapers, Econpapers, official website content, and numerous articles and posts.

The emphasis on high-quality localizations and the development of fresh culture-focused content are crucial elements in continually enhancing brand recognition and awareness.
Content Localization
Meet Noders Nym Squad Team
  • [NODERS]Ioannis
    Team lead, Marketing, Events, Speaker
  • [NODERS]Denwer
    Squad Coordinator, Content creator, Lead for German
  • [NODERS]Alex
    DevOps, Node Expert, Tech support
  • [NODERS]Stan
    Data Analytics, performance strategy, KPIs measurement
  • [NODERS]Serg
    Cybersecurity & tech support, security audits
  • [NODERS]Denny
    Content creator, Lead for Indonesia Community
  • [NODERS]Vik
    Content creator, Lead for Russian Community
  • [NODERS]Denis
    Content visualization, Automatization, support

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